GPEA Newsletter

May 2016 Volume 22 Issue 1

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A note from BOE President Judy Gafa

I would like to thank Mrs Mikesell for allowing me the opportunity to thank our teaching staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.

I always wonder if you realize the positive impact you have on a child's life. You give children the love of learning, you find a way to help those who are struggling, you challenge those who shine on a regular basis. You come early and stay late, you give a piece of yourself to your job, which is really more of a calling. I remember the teachers who had an impact on my life and set me on my path. I have watched as many of you guided my children and hundreds to thousands of other children on their journeys. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and they are deeply appreciated.

I am humbled by your dedication and perseverance. Thank you all so very much for all you do. Happy Teachers Week, may you be showered with the respect you so deeply deserve.

Judy Gafa, President

GPPSS Board of Education

Good News on Health Care!

Healthcare costs are in for next year and your dedication to using generic drugs, Teledoc, your primary care physician or Urgent Care in place of the Emergency Room and increased healthy living choices has paid off significantly. For the second year in a row our GPPSS faculty and staff will be seeing NO increase in health care costs. That in and of itself is great news but when you couple that with the knowledge that the MAJORITY of our surrounding districts will see an average of a 20% increase in health care costs for next year, it's truly remarkable. Yes, you read that correctly - 20%. That's about $754/yr more per family for our colleagues in other districts. Choosing wisely with your prescriptions and your other health care choices makes a difference for you, your family and your colleagues.

Just a reminder:

1. Always use generic brand prescriptions when available.

2. Do not use the emergency room for non-emergency situations. Use your primary care doctor, Urgent Care facilities or Teledoc for the following: SPRAINS, EAR INFECTIONS, URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS, VOMITING, COLD OR FLU SYMPTOMS, FEVER, PINK EYE, SINUSITIS.

3. Use the TASC flexible spending account. Open enrollment for that will begin in May.

4. Check out Healthy Blue Extras! Added discounts from Blue Cross/Blue Shield

GPEA Election Results

Congratulations to:

GPEA President-Elect Mike Rennell (South) ,

Vice President - Negotiations Chris Geerer (Parcells),

Secretary/Elementary Liaison Kim Maddalena (Kerby),

Representative Assembly Rob McIntyre (Parcells)

High School Liaison Barry Mulso (North)

Additionally, our new Constitution and Bylaws for the GPEA were overwhelmingly adopted and we now have provisions for election by acclamation, electronic voting and absentee voting as well as clear language for members in good standing only to vote on upcoming contracts and elections.

Thank you to the Election Committee of Dorothy Heitjan, Lisa Khoury, Linda McKinney, Christine Maison and Alex Gulyas who spent several hours counting and tallying votes. A special thanks to Sheryl Hogan for dropping off the green buckets at each school and organizing the double envelopes and Greg Johnson for running the last accounting of members in good standing for voting purposes.

Spring Staffing Update

The latest information on SY 2016/17 staffing remains very positive. It looks like we will have few to NO layoffs again this year. Like every year, that does mean that a few people will be involuntarily transferred or have their FTE reduced. The right of assignment is now, by state law, done by Human Resources and seniority counts for almost nothing. GPEA leadership has worked hard to ensure NO layoffs and very few reductions. Reductions in FTE will take place directly due to enrollment in some classes. Human Resources and Administration continue to hammer out the specifics. More details to come.

Last Week for GPEA Scholarship! Due: Monday May 9, 2016!



The Grosse Pointe Education Association will be providing a $500 scholarship to a senior student whose parent or parents are members in good standing of the Grosse Pointe Education Association. It is our goal to help a motivated young person with his or her college expenses.

Applicant criteria:

- Cover letter

- Grade Pointe Average of 3.0 or above

- A copy of the student’s transcript

- Demonstration of extra curricular activities and/or work experience

- Acceptance or plans to attend a public or private college/vocational school in the fall

of 2015

A personal essay that responds to ONE of the following questions:

1. Is your past academic record an accurate reflection of your ability and potential?

2. Discuss your most rewarding nonacademic experience. This could include travel, a hobby, and membership in a club or organization, a cultural activity, employment, or community service.

3. What are the qualities, both intellectual and personal, of an educated person?

4. Discuss the influence of one special teacher in your life.

5. What issues do you believe will most influence education in the next decade?

6. What are an educated person’s obligations to his/her community – local, national, global?

**The cover letter, GPA, transcript, listing of activities, acceptance plans, and essay should be mailed in a 9 x 12 sealed envelope to GPEA Scholarship, 20090 Morningside Dr. Room 204a, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236. You may also deliver it to the GPEA office at Barnes. If the door is locked just slip the sealed envelope under the door.

Deadline for all applications: Monday, May 9, 2016

All applicants will receive replies by: Friday, May 27, 2016

Take the GPEA Survey!

So far, 170 GPEA Members have taken a short survey regarding several GPEA topics. The survey will remain open until Friday, May 13th. Complete results will be shared in the next GPEA Newsletter.

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