Body Transformation Challenge

UPDATE! Don't miss this phenomenal opportunity!

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Great NEWS....Opportunity is STILL knocking!

The Body Transformation Challenge REGISTRATION has officially been extended to September 27th, 2014! Awesome news, right!?! This gives YOU another week to contact me so I can get you started on a healthy track to living well, feeling great, and being fit.

You do NOT want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. The body transformation challenge is an incredible opportunity to get focused and see amazing results just in time for fall, high school/college reunions, and before the holidays (Right before Thanksgiving!). Not only is this challenge a great way to keep yourself accountable for 8 weeks and for you to win some money but you will get to meet people that are like-minded and ready to make a CHANGE in their lives as well. You can sign up any time between now and September 27th. So let's not waste anymore time and get YOU started TODAY!!! Check out the flyer, website, and feel free to contact me for any information.

It’s time to take charge of your life, get healthy, fit, and happy! Now is YOUR time....Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle!

***Contact me anytime by phone, text, or email to schedule your free wellness evaluation (Valued at $60). During your evaluation we will discuss a plan to help you see BIG results over the next 8 weeks (Includes one-on-one accountability).***

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Have a FREE Shake on me!

Take the Shake Invite Above to WOW Nutrition and enjoy a FREE shake, tea, and aloe on me! This is so you can try the products for yourself at your very own convenience.

*Show the Invite to the Bar Attendant...I suggest saving it to your phone or tablet and show it when you get there.*

Take Advantage of Free Fitcamps and Walking/Running Groups

Running Club: Meets at Wow Nutrition- Monday & Wednesday 6PM

Walking Club: Meets at Wow Nutrition -Tuesday & Friday 6PM

Fit Camp West: Meets at Carrier Park - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6PM

Fit Camp South: Meets at Jackson Park in Hendersonville - Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30PM

Meet Your Wellness Coach!

My name is Nicole and since March 2014 I have been on a journey to get myself healthy and happy.....and guess what I have gained so much more than health and happiness. I have gained an exceptional amount of knowledge on how to help myself and others find happiness within themselves through proper nutrition, fitness, and personal development. Since March 2014 I have lost 36 lbs, 6.8% body fat, and 45 inches (Updated on August 27th, 2014)....And I feel GREAT!

So I am ready to help ----> YOU <----- get started on your health and wellness goals today! Whether you are trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight I am here to help you get started and STAY on track! As a Wellness Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer my goals are to help anyone and everyone get healthy and happy....and to work Smarter not Harder!

I want to help you reach and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals in a healthy way. To learn more about products or to get guidance on how to reach your wellness goals, schedule a FREE wellness evaluation ($75 Value) and discuss a plan that is going to be RIGHT FOR YOU!

Contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. (Note: Always leave me a voicemail so I can return your calls.)