Pay It Forward

By: Halle Froelich

Pay it Forward

By: Halle Froelich

Hi, my name is Halle. Have you ever fallen down when you are doing a task and someone has helped you up, well that is a random act of kindness.. Do you know what that is? Well today I am here to tell you about paying it forward and random acts of kindness. Pay it forward is a thing when you do something nice for one person, say like your neighbor or your mom. Then they do something nice for someone else and then they do something nice for someone else and then it soon will keep going and going. Could you imagine what the world would be like if people did that everyday?

Well that’s what I’m here to do today. I am here to tell you about my acts of kindness and things that I did the past few days. I want to make a story about them because I want the world to change into something more beautiful then it is today by having everyone do an act of kindness every single day.

Here is one of my acts of kindness that I helped my friend Alaina with helping her reach her goal on selling girl scout cookies. That really means alot to me because it is really hard to reach your goal in cookie selling. That really means alot to me because I know that I have done something really good.

I have also helped my mother over the weekend do some laundry and that really I think is really nice because no one really helps her do really anything. So I did all of the laundry for her without even being asked and usually my mom has to ask me to do things for her or she would take away my privileges. I figured that I could help her do things like that. I then folded the clothes and put them away in the rooms.

Yesterday I went out and helped my dad clean his office because it was really dirty and it deserved a really good cleaning. I put all of his documents in one pile. Then all of his trash in a trash can and all of his guns and things that he uses to clean his guns in one pile too. After that I started playing the XBox and my dad came down and asked who cleaned his office and I said that I did it and I hope that he will keep it clean.

I hope that everyone will keep doing nice things and pay it forward! Thanks for the kindness and all of the things that you do for the world and other people! I think that pretty soon the world will change thanks to acts of kindness and paying it forward!
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