What is a Digital Footprint?

How has my digital footprint advanced or lessened?

What is a digital footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is anything that you post online. Or anything that pertains to you online that can be found. Your Facebook, all your posts, tweets, your Twitter, YouTube channel, etc are all examples of your digital footprint. Whatever you post online can be accessed by anyone, even future employers. It is always good to post things you think are suitable for your age. It is important to have a positive footprint because you never know who could be watching you online. Future employers look back at your posts to see if you are a qualified candidate to get a job.

What is my digital footprint/What does it consist of.

My digital footprint has been any good or bad posts on my Facebook, or anything I post on Instagram or Twitter. I also use YouTube and have a music playlist that I use whenever I am down or am doing homework or just are plain in the mood to jam out! You need to be EXTRA careful on what you put online because anyone can see it, and they say nothing ever gets permanently deleted. You should never post anything personal or anything that "you wouldn't say to your grandma." Even though truthfully I don't think any minor follows that rule, it's what teachers preach. I use Facebook to keep up to date with my friends and communicate with them. I use twitter to get in touch with the latest news and share fun updates that pertain to me. I use Snapchat to goof around with my friends, and I use YouTube to listen to music when I feel like so. Anything I post on Facebook can be seen by employers, same thing with Twitter. Snapchat, anyone can screenshot a picture I post which can easily be spread around, and Youtube, if I choose to upload a video, can be downloaded and shared among people.

Social Media!

More about your Digital Footprint!

Why your Digital Footprint can aid you or ruin you in the future.

Thing's that can aid you in the future are positive things you post. Spreading awareness to certain things. Keeping up with the latest news. Giving out good opinions on certain topics, reaching out to others, or even posting a simple, "Have a good day!" These positive aspects of your digital footprint can help you because when you are applying for a job, your employer/boss can look back at your old social media to explore your personality outside of an office more in depth.

Things that can ruin your reputation are posting bad things on your social media, such as pictures of you getting wasted, at a party, swearing at someone, making fun of someone, giving a bad opinion and or criticizing someone. All of these things can be seen by your employer and you might not get a job because they will think your personality is bad.

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What can you do to improve your digital footprint?

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your digital footprint. You can easily compliment someones picture or you can wish someone a good day. You can wish someone a happy birthday or reminisce with someone on baby photos and compliment them on how chubby there cheeks were, or how cute they looked when they were bald. You can build a website that revolves around you. You can create a business profile through LinkedIn and share your skills to help yourself find employment.
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What did I learn that was the most important this year?

The most important thing I learned this year about how your digital footprint affects your life is finding employment. I feel this is a MAJOR aspect in your life. Without employment you can not move up in the economy. If you have a bad digital footprint most employers would rather give the job to someone who has a good digital footprint. Your digital footprint can basically make or break your life. That's why it's always good to tell your grandma what you post before you actually do it!