Natural Disasters

Blizzards and Tornados


Blizzards can cause terrible disasters. Blizzards are snowstorms that last a long time with high winds, and they produce insane amounts of snow. When cold air at the surface, lots of moisture and lift are all you need for a blizzard to create. In addition, a warm front must go over the top of the cold air. When there is a blizzard there is snow. How is snow made, might you ask? It is made by Ice crystals put together to make snowflakes. In conclusion, if conditions are right an innocent snowstorm could turn into a disaster.
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Sioux City blizzards

Wind blows snow of Fourth street in Sioux City on Nov 11, 1940. Temperatures fell as much as 30 degrees in two hours that day.
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This is a F5 Tornado one of the worst level tornado. The good part is that it is not harming any house or barns.
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Shape Poem

This is my shape Poem about tornadoes.