Victoria Grantmeyer


Bullying can lead to many severe consequences. All who suffer from bullying will think less of themselves and may consider hurting them self or someone else. A case of depression and develop from persistent bullying and may impact not only their live, but the lives of their friends and families. Many consequences can also conquer for the bully as well. It can start with a school detention here and there, but can evolve into jail time later in life.

What is Bullying?

Many people don't know what bullying looks like and wouldn't know how small comments can effect someones life. Bullying-making another person feel hurt, afraid, or uncomfortable continuously. Bullying is really common and can happen anywhere, like at school, the playground, or even at home. Bullying isn't only physical, but can be verbal as well. Comments like, "You're funny looking," can hurt someone's feelings and may push them to commit suicide if they are continued to be bullied.