The Monkey's Paw

By: Christian Brundrett


Have you ever wondered what the family should do with the monkey's paw? Well, I think that the family should keep the paw, because they are lots of pros to keeping it, but there are also lots of cons to getting rid of it. Keeping the paw is better than getting rid of it.

The Pros

Here are a few pros to keeping the paw. The first reason is if you keep it than you can figure out how to use the paw to make a wish that doesn't have such a bad consequence. The second thing is that since it is so old it could be considered an antique. When you have people over you can show them this very wierd, and interesting piece. The third reason is since the paw is in a shape that you can use to scratch your back. Thats is some reasons that the family should keep the paw.

The Cons

Here are a few cons of getting rid of the paw. Well to start off it almost seems that the paw has a mind of it's own so if you do get rid of it than there is a slim chance that it can come back to you. The second con of getting rid of the paw is that nobody wants the paw. Since the paw is very strange, and mummified people may not want that in their house. Those are some cons of getting rid of the paw.


Since you have no clue where this paw came from, here is a little background about it. A solider got from India after a friend died from the paw because of the consequences. The way the paw works is it gives you three wishes so you can use them for whatever you want. But the catch is there is a consequence for every wish. The family uses all of their wishes which in the end gets their son killed. They don't know what to do with the paw so here is the answer: keep it. That is a little background on the monkey's paw.