America to England

BY: Gabby, Alyesha, and Bianca!

America to England

You may see England as just a country , well its the most fashionable place I know of. It has many good qualities and taste in clothes, if you know what I mean,check it out, you will love it.Trust me on this one.

Men wear now in England!

This is what men wear now in England. When England first was coming together they use to wear baggy pants, and puffy sweaters.As you can see on the bottom picture it is not something that you see everyday.

Women Rock the Red Carpet

Have you ever gotten something from your grandma and it was absolutely the ugliest thing you've ever seen in all of your years in the fashion department.Well, if you were an England immigrant than you would wear anything at all even if it was the most mix-matched outfit ever. The women back in the day were like that most of the time, but NOW they rock the red carpet like the fashion stars I know they are . Take a look at how they look now (the first 1) and how they looked before (the bottom picture)

Food that Sets There Mood

This is the best food there is, and its called FISH-N-CHIPS!
It is made of......
  1. Fish rolled in bread crumbs
  2. Fries oil
  3. and don't forget to add a side of fries or anything you want to add is fine
  4. Then ENJOY!

the Englang flag Waves

  • How did the Union Jack flag get its name?(A small flag flown at the bow of a ship), but it is not universally accepted that the "Jack" of "Union Jack" is a reference to such a Jack flag and his ship.

The Beautiful Symbols

  • As you can see this is a picture of the symbols of England they are unique in a lot of ways

Some British Holidays!

One British holiday is...... they celebrate Christmas just like us! Oddly they don't celebrate Thanks giving. Boxing day is the day that they stay home and just chill and watch a movie and spend time with family. I know i would want to stay home after Christmas because i want to make sure my new stuff works.

The end

For now.......................................... BY: Gabby, Alyesha, and Bianca!