Ed Sheeran turns into 12 year old

(and is teleported to michigan)

The Scoop

Somehow he did it, but he must have gotten tired of waiting for Kaitlyn to turn 18. The event occurred during the recording of his new album. Sheeran promises his voice abilities were restored and the album recording will continue shortly, to be released on his birthday in dedication to Kaitlyn.

How He Did It

Supposedly, Sheeran disappeared mysteriously for 4 days before being found on his managers sofa, yet 10 years younger. Fetus ed refused to tell, but teleported to Michigan the next day in search for Kaitlyn Joyner, age 12. It is believed he went back in time so he could be with the girl. Only evidence found was a small cat, some hair ties, and a broken lamp. Still under investigation, but Sheeran is given his privacy.

"Tru luvvv lollll <3" -thaedluver123

*NEW SONG* "Tenerife Sea" -Ed Sheeran MSG HQ FIRST ROW 10/29/13