JFK Assassination

Emily Marsden

Background Information

November 22, 1963 was a day that will never be forgotten. It was on this day - around noon time - that president John F. Kennedy was shot and killed while riding through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. No one is certain of actual reason of why John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
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Media Portrayal

There are many conspiracies as to how JFK was killed. The one that was told to the citizens of the United States after the attack was that a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who shot JFK. It was claimed that he was alone in this act, but other sources say otherwise. There is another conspiracy that makes the claim that a CIA agent was displeased with JFK when he became president because he became more diplomatic. Members of the CIA were very displeased with JFK's support in the Bay of Pigs - which was a failed invasion of Cuba. The CIA members lost their jobs and was very upset with JFK because of comments that were made by JFK himself. So, the theory behind this is that they were extremely displeased with JFK and were scattered around the plaza and they all shot at JFK, which ended up killing him.
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The type of bias that you see continually throughout stories of JFK's assassination would be bias of source selection. It is because each story/article that you read about JFK's assassination has different sources depending on which side of the argument the author is taking. They use this bias to make their point seem stronger than the other and try to use it to persuade the audience to see it in their way.


The type of criticism that I notice throughout the JFK's assassination stories is historical. It is historical because you see so many stories over the assassination it's self and each story seems to have a different idea as to how the assassination was done. People today write about what happened and how it happened, when in reality no one knows exactly what happened that day.
JFK assassination


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