Fourth Grade at a Glance

The first two weeks

Getting to know you and Team Building

WOW!! I can't believe we are in the third week of school. We did several team building activities these past weeks. We worked together (without talking) to move a cup using string and a rubber band. That was a lot of fun!! We talked about some of our favorite things, put name puzzles together, and presented our brown bag to the class. We made our classroom expectations that include being safe, being respectful, having integrity, being responsible, have fun and always learn. This is going to be a fabulous year!!

Reading and Writing

In reading, we have discussed how to pick a just right book using the five finger rule. We have been building our stamina in reading and writing by reading and writing every day. We are looking for green light moments while reading. This is where we make connections with the text, have mental images, ask questions about the book, and predict or infer what will happen next. We talked about the different genres and played a genre sort.

In writing, we are discussing the writing process. We are spending some time on brainstorming (the prewriting stage) to come up with lots of ideas in a variety of ways. The kids got to "Battle" using the writing process. We are writing everyday in our journal over various things. The kids are doing amazing!


Color Days - Please wear the following color:

Monday 9/7 - red

Tuesday 9/8 - orange

Wednesday 9/9 - yellow

Thursday 9/10 - green

Friday 9/11 - blue

Monday 9/14 - purple

Tuesday 9/15 - pink

Wednesday 9/16 - brown

Thursday 9/17 - black

Friday 9/18 - gray

Monday 9/21 - maroon and white

Let's help our kindergartens learn their colors!!

HOMEWORK is due every Thursday for both ELA and Math/Science/Social Studies

Please help the kids remember to turn it in on time. Thank you.

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Have a fantastic week!!