How-to Use

Simplifying Communication Through Online Tools!

Getting Started

1. Visit to sign up for your free trial account; it will allow you to create and send three newsletters before you need a paid subscription. Click the link or the button below!

Amazing news!

  • We reached out to the company on your behalf, and Smore is offering GDLC participants $30 off the annual educator rate, so the annual fee is just $49.00!!
  • When your free trial is up, visit THIS link to sign up at a discount!
  • This link is good for ONE MONTH only, so if you plan to sign up, do it by July 13th!

An annual educator subscription sounds like a lot of money, but here are some ideas:

  • You can use it as part of your back-to-school funds if your school or PTA gives you supply money
  • You can share an account and the cost with co-workers
  • You can ask your school to pay for your account so you can become a teacher leader in the building and share this resource with others; everyone is assessed on Communication on their evaluations!
  • The ease, beauty, and 'awesome-ness' of Smore is more than worth the $$$... it works out to just a few dollars each month for a HUGE amount of benefits!
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2. Choose the type of online communication that you need
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3. Begin building your flyer by adding in all the elements that you wish

Here are some ideas:

  • Text (embed links as needed)
  • Titles (can be made linkable)
  • Photos with captions (singles or galleries)
  • Videos you have uploaded to Vimeo (free account required)
  • Buttons (click to open a website of your choice)
  • Events
  • Google Forms
  • Audio from (free account required)
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4. When you are ready to publish, save the changes and decide how to share your newsletter... you can send it to a mailing list, embed it into an eClass page, send out the direct link, share it on social media, etc!
5. Need ideas, inspiration, or templates to use? Check out the Educator Hive!!
6. You can easily manage your flyers by clicking on "Your Flyers". This allows you to view all of the flyers that you have made and create folders to group and find certain ones easily.

*Hot Tip! For teachers that want to use Smore for their weekly classroom newsletter, click on your latest flyer each week and choose "Duplicate". This way the basic layout will stay the same you can just edit the parts that you need. It saves time instead of starting with a blank flyer each week! *

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7. Ready for your students to use Smore? Create a classroom!

Watch this Youtube video for more info!

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8. Share it with your coworkers! If they use your link to sign-up for an educator account, then you get additional "Classrooms" to use with your students!
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9. Need help? Contact Lauren or Becca!