Old times.

Woohoo Aztecs!

Aztecs lived during the 1400 and early 1500s, aztecs controlled a large empire in the area, The area they controlled is now centeral and Southern Mexico. When they were most powerful the empire popluated 80,000 square miles, which is alot. Montezuma II was the last great Aztec emperor. Montezuma was a ruler of up to 5-6 million people. Aztec came mostley from Northern Mexico which is also called Tenochca. The aztecs religon controlled their life! The aztecs do ceremonies and ritiuals for their god. The Aztec spoke Nahua, nahua was incorporated into the Spanish language. Tenochtitlá the capital city where the aztecs lived, Teniochtitlan was built on Lake Texcoco.Aztecs would use their wealth And power to provide a life in their capital. Montezuma lives in a big palace full of slaves with a nice garden. Farmers lived in little huts on the island. There is a aztec army called the spanish army, they found a city on in the island on a lake.

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Aztec religon!

Aztecs has alot of beliefs , they believed the sun fights the darkness every night and roses saved man kind. They believed the world is flat. they thought if you gave the sun blood it would rise they also believed that there is 16 heavens and 9 hells. Aztecs respected their gods very very much. They put in so much effort to make awesome temples to please the gods. Art is part of their religion also. their is art they did about the gods. They all worship the total of 1,000 gods they worshiped the sun god the most. They have ceremonies for their gods. Sacrifice was one of the most main things in the religion, priests made human sacrifices to make the sun god happy.