Madyson Fowler's Smore

Open House 2016

Earthquakes PBL

The Earthquakes PBL was a hands on project were we designied, built, and tested a home for Tony Start (Iorn Man). To design a home each person in the group created two designs and then as a team we created a home with all of our ideas. When building the home that was at least two stories we could only use straws, strings, sticks, toothpicks, and clay. Last we tested our modles to make sure that they would survive a real earthquake. To test we had a shake table made out of a wooden board and two rollers that we put our house on and Mrs. Smith would roll it. Our house did survive, so Tony Stark would have been safe.

The driving question was how can we as structural engineers, construct a two-story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity.

Designing the home was in my opinnion the most fun part of this project. The design for the roof was, that there are bent straws that are connected to the house and each other with clay. To fill in the extra space would be the toothpicks heldd together with clay too. For the walls the sticks are placed side by side also staying in place with clay. Second to last the floor is made completly out of clay, and last there is a redd string running across the walls to show where the second floor starts.

I thought that this project was fun. I love to design, build, and improve on my teamwork skills. This project also helped me learn more about earthquakes with the textbook. When I build or create something I learn it so the Earthquake PBL was a perfect project. Plus I learned so much new material and information. Like how to build a house to withstand and earthquake and how structual engineers really build homes. Or what an earthquake really was other then that it is when the ground is shaking. The Earthquake PBL taught me so much and was fun.

30 Hands Project

During the 30 hands project I had so much fun and I learned a lot too. I learned about the atmosphere and how it is being polluted. The atmosphere is being polluted by greenhouse gases, deforestation, and the overuse of non- renewable resources. Those resources are fossil fuel's and fossil fuel's are being emitted by factories, some machinery, and cars.

The fun part about this project was using all the different apps. What I mean by this is I loved exploring the different types of apps we use to create this project. The apps we used are, pic collage, 30 hands, and google images. Pic collage was my favorite app that we used because I think that putting pictures in with all the fun backgrounds and borders was fun, and don't forget the stickers. Overall this project help me learn about the atmosphere and was fun well I was learning.

My 30 Hands Project

Invention Convention

Torrey, Katy, and my idea for the invention convention is a trashcan that is powered by convection currents that cuts up trash and burns it. The heat from the burning trash goes into a chamber with water to create steam that powers a turbine. That turbine powers a generator and the generator powers a stove. We thought of this idea as an invention and innovation because there is a trashcan called The Big Belly that instantly recycles trash. But there are no trash cans that power stoves. this invention solves the problems of too much trash, landfills, and the polluting oceans. This problem is solved because the trash is getting burned and creating energy so we are not using electricity. Our invention for the invention convention is awesome!

My Favorite Unit (Extra Credit)

My favorite unit was Unit 2: Plate Techtonics. This was my favorite unit because I loved all the labs. The labs that we did where the Methods Of Heat Transfer Demo Lab where we discovered radiation, conduction, and convection. Next lab was the Milky Way Lab in this lab we pressed on the top of the Milky Way candy bar to show plate techtonics. Last lab that we did was the hotplate lab. In this lab we filled the pan with syrup and molasses. Then placed two sponges that were red and green. When we added heat the molasses and syrup started to bubble and the sponges started to spread apart. In this demo the hotplate was the core, the sponges were the lithospheric plates, and the in this demo the hotplate was the core, the sponges were the lithospheric plates, and the molasses was th mantle material.