Analytics Built for Online Retail


Clarity is the only analytics tool built specifically for online retail.

Google Analytics is for websites, Clarity is for online retail businesses.

Clarity gives executives, marketers and buyers actionable insights that fuel their business, today! No analysts needed, no clunky pivots or data merges. Clarity is the most powerful view of your online retail business's performance.


Clarity is the by-product of the years spent building an automated online marketing solution for e-commerce companies. We call that product Sidecar. We built a comprehensive data warehouse to fuel the Sidecar technology, and we decided that the power of that data should be in the hands of every retailer! Clarity is now yours, with no cost or obligation.

We hope that you'll become a Sidecar customer, but if you don't, we know the insights from Clarity will help your business.

Clarity in Action

Enterprise level reporting for mid-market retailers! And it's free! Sign up for more information now.

Everything you've been missing in Google Analytics, in just a few clicks. Clarity gives you a snapshot of all of the metrics that matter, and without the hassle of deep analysis and painstaking effort.

We are Sidecar, and we love online retail.

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