Election of 1952

  • November 4, 1952
  • Republican
  • Richard Nixon
  • Adlai Stevenson
  • Eisenhower: 55.2% Stevenson: 44.3%

Election of 1956

  • November 6, 1956
  • Republican
  • Richard Nixon
  • Adlai Stevenson
  • Eisenhower: 57.4% Stevenson: 42.0%

Cold War

  • political and military tension between powers in the NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • ended Korean War
  • nuclear weapon tensions
  • anti-communist plans by CIA

Joseph McCarthy

  • accused Secretary of State Dean Acheson of knowingly employing 205 communist party members; this brought McCarthy into national eye
  • started accusing Democrats
  • damaged tradition of fair play and free speech
  • went to fair when accused the US Army

Eisenhower and the desegregation of the South

  • Central High School not allow 9 black students to be enrolled; Eisenhower sends troops to allow students into the school
  • 1954; case brought to court about segregation in public schools is unequal
  • due to Rosa Park being arrested for sitting in the white only section blacks no longer took the bus; Martin Luther King, Jr. leads the boycott

Eisenhower's Republicanism policies

  • "dynamic conservatism"
  • "creeping socialism"
  • end the bracero program
  • Operation Wetback
  • wanted to terminate Indian New Deal

Beginning of Vietnam War

  • northwest Vietnam, in Dienbienphu, French pushed for democracy; resulted in division of Vietnam at the 17th parallel

Space Race with the Soviets

  • first satellite sent up to space by USSR to orbit Earth; the satellite, Sputnik, shocked the United States
  • United States creates NASA