Hayes Happenings

Class of 2026

Our First Week of School!

We have had a very busy first week of school! We have had our first visit to Letterland, where we met Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben! (Over the year, you will hear a lot about Letterland, and Letterland will help your child learn to read and spell!) We have also started a fabulous math program, and we even used the iPads! Our school year will be filled with learning to read, writing stories, and using math talk to solve a variety of math problems! I will need your help!!!!!!!! Please read something to your child each day for at least 20 minutes. In a few weeks, you will begin to receive a night reader, and your child will begin reading to you. Until then, please read, read, read to your child each day!

Agendas and Take Home Tuesday Folders

Important! Read all about it!!!!!!

Each day, your child will bring his/her agenda home. Please make sure you check the agenda daily. I will send important reminders home in agendas, and I will let you know how your child's day was by writing his/her number beside the appropriate date. Your child will start each day on a 5 (Ready to Learn) and he/she will have the opportunity to clip up to 6, 7, or 8 for making good choices. If necessary, your child may be clipped down to a 4, 3, 2, or 1. Our goal is for our entire class to stay on and above a 5! Please initial the agenda beside your child's number for the day so that I know you have seen his/her agenda.

Your child's Take Home Tuesday folder is located in his/her binder behind his/her agenda. Check this folder each Tuesday for very important papers. Please sign the log stapled to the left side of the folder each week as well.

If you need to notify me of something, please write me a note in your child's agenda on that day's block. I will check agendas first thing each day, and this is the best way to communicate with me. Sometimes students forget to give me notes that may be placed in bookbags!

If you need to send in money, please place the money in an envelope, and label what the money is for. For example, if you are sending in money for a field trip: Joe Smith, $5 for Science Center Field Trip. Then place the envelope in the front plastic pocket in the agenda. I will check each day for money. (P.S. Please label lunch money in an envelope and place it in the same plastic pocket!)