The Emancipation of Camille

The Curvy Goddess Series

Book Synopsis

Camille Williams had done everything right. She had married her college sweetheart and given up her career of becoming an attorney for her husband’s dreams of being a NFL Football player. She was a devoted mother and wife.

So how was it ten years later she was catching her husband doing his production assistant on the set of his ESPN sports show?

After a year of haggling Camille had managed to get out of her marriage with nothing but child support. Which thanks to her ex-husbands connections amounted to nothing, and a referral to one of the most successful law firms in town working as an associate and fifty extra pounds of weight. Luckily her best friend Vixen was a fashion diva so keeping her look sexy even with the weight was not a problem.

The last thing she needed or wanted was a man. Let alone a man that was ten years her junior pursuing her every chance he got.

Drew Tyler was a successful partner at Chamber, Chambers and Schmitz. He came from a long line of attorneys and judges. To make his father proud after his brother was killed in Afghanistan Drew had put his everything into being successful. That meant, no women, no fun, no life. Drew was ok with that until working with Camille on a case for a big client that just happened to be a very close friend of hers.

Now all he can think about is Camille and what her delectable curves would feel like under his fingertips. Only problem she doesn’t want to give him the time of day because of their age difference, and the terrible dissolution of her marriage.

What Camille doesn’t know is Drew has never been a man that gave up on what he really wanted.

Can Drew win Camille’s trust and heart? Or will Camille teach him a lesson he was not ready for?

Book Snippet

“Camille I have a question?” Phoenix said taking a bite out of her second chocolate croissant.

“Ohhh, Lord!” Nya said shaking her head laughing already.

All the ladies knew when Phoenix asked if she could ask a question, it was going to be one for the record books.

“Can I stop you Phoenix?” Camille asked

“Why does your office smell like pa-dussy?” she asked sniffing the air like a blood hound.

“WHAT?” Camille said sniffing the air herself, she didn’t smell anything. What was she talking about?

“Do I wanna know what pa-dussy is?” Daniel asked.

“Dick, Ass and Pussy! The scent is usually generated after sex,” Phoenix replied.

The room erupted in laughter.

“Phoenix where, what, why? You know what? Never mind, somebody spray some Febreeze for the blood hound, so we can get on with this,” Nya said shaking her head.

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