Walking While on Your Phone

Bad idea

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Je'Myiia Johnson & Lisa Lozano

Two Important Quotes

1. “Some researchers say that 1 out of 10 of pedestrians are injuries are caused by distracting mobile device” This quote is important because it shows how much people do things that they don't realize is very dangerous.

2. “Distracted driving is also causing more pedestrian deaths, researchers say”.This quote is important because it also shows how people are putting other people in harm.

Main Idea of the Article

To show examples of how people are taking precautions to help keep pedestrians safe while crossing streets. And to put an end to people being on their phone while driving.


People that are around unsafe people crossing the streets that see them crossing them unsafely and are going to other people to help stop these events from occurring. They go to researchers and find prime examples of why these things are happening and, find out that almost all of the pedestrian injuries all happen by them distracted by their mobile device.Some states are trying to put an end to it by taking severe precautions were other are trying to do it in a easier way by lowering speed limits to help keep the traffic lower and safer for crossing pedestrians. The effect of people crossing roads while distracted is still a growing problem and more and more states are trying to put an end to it.

Question Influenced by the Story

  1. How does this article affect you?

It makes my have empathy for those who have died to something as simple as a cell phone or music player.

2. Have you ever experienced anyone walking while distracted by their phone?

I have been ran into by a distracted by their phone.

Organization of the Article

The author gives prime examples of how people around the nation are trying to either make them stop crossing streets while distracted or keep them safe if they do.

Which can help persuade the reader and other citizens want to stop doing things on the road.

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Important Words to the Story

  1. pedestrians- it is important because pedestrians are the things that the whole story is written around

  2. injuries- These are the things that are caused by people doing things while distracted by their cellular devices

  3. distracted- One of the actions that caused all of the injuries

  4. cellphones- The main reasons are either putting their selves or others in danger

  5. dangerous- It is important because it describes how the people are effected

Author's Purpose

To persuade people to stop crossing streets while distracted by their mobile device.

And to pay more attention to how they do things that can put people in major danger.