Loss of Innocence

Jasmine Espinosa & Amariah Castillo & Jessica Romero

Loss of Innocence

Thematic Statement: The casualty of war is loss of innocence

  • "Fathers had come running from their workplaces, only to stand in front of their empty houses with no indication of where their families had gone."

This shows that he lost his innocence because his family was gone & he felt safe around his family.

  • "One man carried his dead son."

This shows that Ishmael lost his innocence because he saw people losing their family members everywhere he went.

Children losing their innocence too soon

This shows loss of innocence by telling us how children lost play year because playing isn't "cool", they don't play around, go outside, or just do kid things. They just think its good to do what other people say is "cool".

School Shooting Cost City's Innocence

This shows lose of innocence by telling us that there was a shooting at a middle school and where little kids were and they saw a boy get shot. Little kids aren't suppose to see that , it probably made them scared to go back to school and maybe even changed there life.
The story of Sandy Hook | Dr. Janet Robinson | TEDxSHS

The story of sandy hook

innocent children and teachers were killed and other children and teachers saw and it changed there lives and everything.

How does your project's theme play out in both A Long Way Gone and one of the articles you found?

My projects theme plays out in both "A Long Way Gone" And the article " School Shooting Cost City Innocence" by telling us how little kids and adults are losing their innocence to soon.

The text from the article says," For many, the shooting forced them to realize that bad things can happen even in a small town where everyone knows each other."

The text from "A Long Way Gone" says," The child gave a loud screech and sat next to a tree. He stopped moving. It all happened so fast that we just stood there, rooted to the ground. The child's yelp was still echoing in my head, as if it had taken on a life of its own inside of me."

This shows how seeing a horrible incident can change the way you feel and think forever and things may never be the same for you.