Welcome to Puerto Ricolombia

Martinez Nasier,Perea Giancarlo

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Welcome to the country of Puerto Ricolombia

The country of Puerto ricolombia is a large sized island located on the coast of mexico.And we have rivers, mountains, lakes, and hill. We are a country of 35 million people. Our primary language is Spanish,But everyone attending school must learn how to speak, write and read English fluently. Everyone needs to attend school up till the age of 15.At the age of 18 men and woman can choose to attend the military. And if they choose to serve the government pays for a apartment, healthcare and retirement. Our citizens can retire at the age of 55 if they choose to. Everyone must pay 20% of their salary per year for taxes.

Six freedoms our citizens have.

  • Have the freedom of religion.
  • freedom of speech.
  • freedom of press.
  • freedom of assembly.
  • the freedom to choose.
  • the freedom to own your own property

Four things that are illegal

  • murder
  • theft
  • no selling or doing drugs( with an exception of medical drugs)
  • No smoking marijuana

Type of goverment

Representatives Democracy. We chose this because we wanted our people to choose who represents them and to have a voice. We didn't choose the others because we did not like the way those other governments work. like theocracy was based on religion but we wanted our people to practice whatever religion they want. And didn't want a monarchy because we wanted the people to choose who rules next. And we didn't want our people to have to work in direct democracy. And we didn't want a dictatorship because we didn't want one person to have all the power.