Abbie Anderson

The Denver Nuggets

About the Nuggets

They promote themselves as a fast moving team. Originally they were the Rockets but after another team named themselves the Rockets, Denver decided to change to the Nuggets representing the gold/silver rush in Colorado. They changed from the rainbow colors to start over with a completely new logo. They chose the Blue for the mountain and then Gold for the color of actual gold.

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$54 for jersey

About the Eagles

They are called the eagles cause they carry their fans on their wings. when they switched to MIdnight Green the color was modern. The original logos were representing Apollo 11. So they changed it after a while.
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$25 for jerseys

About the Bears

They were named the Bears to go with the Chicago Cubs. They changed their logos so they could fit the logo on the helmets of the players. Navy Blue and Orange colors because the orange stands out and is a fun color.
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$15 for socks

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Nike Headphones

Nike has branched out and started making headphones other then clothing and footwear.