For whom do you feel for the most?

Who has the most problems out of the three rebels?


Jim has to deal with his family's constant arguing all the time. What he wants the most is to see his father be a man and stick up for himself. He shows a very emotional side of himself when he tries to talk to his parents about this. He shows that he is very passionate about things that he takes seriously. Although when put in the face of danger, like when he is confronted by buzz with a knife, he is very aggressive and capable of sticking up for himself. He is also a very honorable person, he was more than willing to go to the chickie run to prove to the others that he is not a chicken.

What causes him to be rebellious?

Jim doesn't want to cause the trouble that he does. He just gets caught up in problems trying to fit in with someone. He acts out when ever he gets upset with his family and how they act. He is doing it to try and get his dad to actually make an attempt to do something.

Did he change?

I think that through out the movie Jim goes through many personal changes. By the end I think he finally realizes that it's good to try and stay out of trouble, and his father finally tells Jim that he will be a man for him. So I think that Jim will be a better person without all the stress of his parents and now he won't have as many problems at school.

The Mansion was Symbolic

I thought that the Mansion in the story was very symbolic because of how the kids acted while they were inside it. They all acted like a family, Jim and Judy acted like parents for Plato and they were having a happy and joyful time. I think this symbolized everything that the kids were lacking in their current lives.

What was the lesson?

i think that the main lesson of the film was that the kids needed to learn about life just as much as the parents do. Sometimes student can become the teacher, like what happened with Jim and his dad. Jim was finally able to show his dad at the end of the story that all he wanted was for his dad to stand up for himself.