Let Me Ride

By: Katherine Hicks and Sydney Perkins

Background Information

Arrangement by Roger Emerson; Traditional Spiritual

TIme Signature is 2/2

It is a 3 part mixed with piano

Origin of Let Me Ride is Spiritual

Spiritual Facts

-Spiritual are religious songs that were created by enslaved African people in the United States

-The term "spiritual song" was often used in the black and white christian community through the 19th century

-George Pullen Jackson extended the term spiritual to a wider range of folk hymnody

-Negro spirituals are a musical form that is native and specific to the religious experience in the United States of Africans and their descendants.


Roger Emerson

-Roger is a professional composer and arranger with over 900 choral titles in print.

-Over 30 million copies in circulation

-He is the most widely performed composer/arranger in choral music today.

-has been a recipent of the ASCAP's Standard Award for 20 years.