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The Famous Outdoor Brand With Patagonia Promo Code

The fourth Thursday in November is The Thanksgiving Day of the United States, many retail companies are starting promotions from this time,to greet the arrival of the next Black Friday holiday shopping season. But this year, the United States has at least 13 large retailers declared to suspend business during Thanksgiving that employees and consumers can really feel the importance of preserving this festival, and not just a big day of shopping. The announced company includes the nation's largest outdoor retailer REI and the famous outdoor brand with Patagonia promo code.
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Patagonia company spokesman Provide Patagonia Promo Code

Patagonia company spokesman confirmed that on Thanksgiving Day (November 27), all the Patagonia store will be closed. When asked why they unlike other businesses to greet arrival of Black Friday shopping season, the spokesman replied: "It's a holiday - we leave."