The Bodan tempest

By Lukka Sita

Once apon a time on a really hot day there was a bus cruising doing claymore they come over a hill to find a young person in the middle of the road. They come to a complete stop and fred got out of the car and asked him what he was doing in the middle of the road. He turns around and he is a medget named Ted, Ted he asked Fred if he wanted drugs, Fred says no thanks l dont take drugs and then Ted said they are cheap and Fred replied no can you get off the road.

Ted said you should get out of claymore springs because somthing is bad is going to happen.The freaky little midget runs away as fast as he can and "BANG" a van drifts around the midget a flys into my van and it falls down the hill "BANG", "SMASH","BUMP and there was no more sound. So Fred runs down the hill to see that his friends are knocked out snd then he gets his phone out and calls the hospital to come and help him.

1 hour later i can hear the sirens rushing past all of the cars and I can hear a helicopter flying towards me so I scream out to them and say help is on the way and l hear someone say get me out of hear.The ambulanceis on the way just stay still the ambulance come flying around the corner and the helicopter lands a though metres down the road and paramedics run straight over to me and they ask what happened.

All of the people though ropes down the hill and they pulled up the van and the van wasnt that damaged everyone was alright but one didnt make it.Everyone is shaken up they brought a new van for us nut the all of a sudden everyone see's a ghost flying around and it is the one who dead his name was john they all jumped in the van and they drive off.