Mission Debriefing

Jackson Trussell

About Us

Pilot - Grant Tinkis, who worked hard was the pilot. Navigator - Jackson Trussell, who also worked hard is our proud Navigator. - Load master - Eliot Hanson, who also worked the hardest of us all is our load master. Medical Officer - Grant Tinkis. As a team, we decided for our name to be, 't4'. Our mission goal and primary objective was to help the citizens of the Philippines who were less fortunately struck by a disaster. We were willing to help, and we sent over 18,000 pounds of supplies to help the Filipino citizens get through tough times.


Our group sent over 86% of the items of our choice that are essential for survival. Drinking water, food, clothing and blankets, and medical supplies were just a few of our items that we supplied. Despite the great items we supplied, our flight time was quite long at over 32 hours. Our flight route included 8 stops. The first three were Jackson, Wyoming; Abbotsford, BC Canada; Anchorage, Alaska. The next three include Campbell, Alaska; Magadan, Oblast Russia; Rishia, Japan. Our final two stops were Fukuoka, Japan and finally Tacloban, Philippines. Our goal was not accomplished because we tried to have the fastest flight time, but unfortunately we did not.


The total amount of volume for our pallets was 1,559. Our groups total amount of weight was 18,000 pounds of medical supplies and other items. Even though we only had 86% funding, we still addressed the items we mainly wanted to send over like medical supplies, water, food, and clothing and blankets.


At first, our group decided jobs and what items we were going to send over. After that, we designed the pallets and our flight route, and then headed off to the Philippines. One of our problems is that at some points, our group was not on task. Some of the other misconceptions we had were our group could not decide on a layout for the pallets. We found that the best strategy was to guess and check our work, and it often resulted in a positive outcome. Over the course of our mission, we had accomplished our goal, because we delivered our goal of 18,000 pounds of supplies to the Philippines. Our purpose was to help those less fortunate, and that is what we did.