By:Thu Tran 1st&2nd period


  • Prepare and conduct lecture and seminars to students.
  • Publish empirical and theoretical research in variety of scholarly journals.
  • Advise students with respect to academic performance,career opportunities and pursuit of advanced degrees.
  • Set,mark and assess examination and works.
  • Promote and develop team spirit and team coherence.

Educational Requirements:

In order to be a college professor,you need to get a bachelor degree on the subject you wish to teach in.Than you need to apply for Ph.D programs,by going to a graduate school and get a master degree along with a Ph.D

Advance beyond entry level!

After you get your master degree and Ph.D,you should do postdoctoral research in the field and subject you want to enter to gain more understanding(take 2-3 years).Than publish as many papers as you can in top ranked journal of your discipline.After that,as a graduate student,apply to become a teaching assistance for a full time professor to gain experience and help develop the skills you will need later on as a professor.You should also stay on top of latest research in your field and attend business conference.

Job Availability

Job availability for professor right now,is less than before due to a decline in colleges.However,they're still in need of professor.In the future there's a high chance the availability will increase.


College professor run on a "9-Month"salary,where they earn about $73,000

Why this career?

I choose this career because i enjoy teaching and the duties and responsibility of a college professor is easier to handle than a elementary,middle school and high school teacher.College students are also more mature and responsible.