How Might We...

solve the issue on marijuana usage?

The Problem

Illicit marijuana usage has been a crucial issue for decades, leading to several consequences including drug trafficking across national and international borders. Also, it has lead to severe gang violence and "wars on drugs." Along with that, this issue has affected both the nation's youth and society. This has also severely affected the amount of crimes along with the number of people currently in prison.

The Solution

Begin the process of fully legalize marijuana usage to a certain extent and for a specific age group. First, legalize growth/individual production of a certain amount of plants as well medical usage in all states. Therefore, it being legal, there isn't the urge to create enormous amounts of weed used for mainly selling purposes. Second, instill marijuana laws similar to the laws of alcohol, to make sure adults/children under 21 aren't negatively influenced. Finally, allow cannabis to only be sold in dispensaries or other designated places to reduce drug/gang violence and drug trafficking, therefore decreasing the number of criminal acts.

people needed, funding, benefits

Since this issue lies in the hands of the individual state governments, the political leaders are needed to mutually agree on the social view of legalizing the substance. As for funding, not much will be needed other than for the opening of dispensaries, medical marijuana clinics, and employing workers. In fact, when marijuana becomes a frequently used item, it gets a tax put on to it, creating more money in tax dollars for the government. The main benefits include reduced drug/gang violence, less drug trafficking along borders, and a decrease of prison inmates involving marijuana usage.

Chart of marijuana related arrests & graph of current political positions

current position of each state

how will the solution have predominantly positive impacts? why is it the best solution?

This solution is the best possible solution because it has mainly positive impacts that benefits the economy, people, government, and crime enforcement. The economy produces a crop that brings in a lot of money, regardless of trade between other countries. People will not resort to any illicit activities involving marijuana, and with strict laws instilled upon the citizens, the environment and society will remain a safe area. The government brings in more money from tax dollars and can therefore have more money for funding of other sectors of the government. Lastly, crime will be significantly reduced as well as the amount of prison inmates, because there is no longer laws banning marijuana possession and drug dealing will have been reduced as well.