Miss Branchick's Newsletter

September 28- October 2, 2015

We are the champions!!

I am so proud to announce that our class has won the Box Top contest for the first quarter! Thank you so much for all your help, we would not have won without you! Our grand total was 1,235 box tops!

I will work with PTO to schedule a pizza party here soon to celebrate and let you all know when that is!


We had a wonderful K-Kids meeting today. We were not able to make it through all of our elections but... we do have a President, Vice President, and Secretary named.

President- Natalie Ivie

Vice President- Griffen Minor

Secretary- Kerrigan O'Brien

The rest of the elections will continue during our next meeting on Monday, October 19th (AFTER FALL BREAK)

Book Fair

Mrs. Bowman is look for a few more classroom volunteers to help with the book fair. We have one volunteer but she would love to have two for our time slot. But if you can't help with us you can always volunteer to help out another class or during the after school hours. If you are able and willing to volunteer, please email Renee Bowman at rbowman@danville.k12.in.us as soon as possible.

Our book fair officially starts this Friday, October 2nd. Our class will visit during specials on Monday.

Tomorrow, I will be sending home a letter from Mrs. Bowman about the book fair, a pre-order form for the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and a promotional flyer. (I already have it pre-ordered!) Mrs. Bowman is also sending home information about the All for Books program. The All for Books program allows you to donate spare change to our classroom that we can then use to purchase books for our classroom library.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I can get you more information.

This week in room 506


Students are now starting to spread out in different groups - please see their packet for what lessons they are working on.

Social Studies:

We are continuing our first Social Studies unit this week - Communities.


We are continuing with our first Writing Unit - Narrative Writing. We will be focusing on the traits of Ideas and Conventions (punctuation, capitalization, complete sentences)

Standards being worked on: 3.W.3.3 Write narrative compositions in a variety of forms that-

  • establish an introduction
  • include specific descriptive details and clear event sequences
  • include dialogue
  • connect ideas and events using introduction and transition words
  • provide an ending

This will be the only writing assessed and on the first quarter report card.


This week, we will be reviewing Unit 1 and reassessing any standards students are not fully mastery in. However, my approach to mastery connect and grades is that they will be mastery by the END of the year. Please note that if you see red, they are working in small groups on that skill and will continue to do so for awhile before I reassess and enter the new score into Mastery Connect.

If you are at all worried about anything, please contact me.

No new spelling/vocabulary this week

Report Cards

Our first quarter grading period ends on Oct 9th. Teachers have until Oct 19th to finalize grades and report cards are send out on Oct 23rd.

Scholastic Book Orders

Every month I am going to send home Scholastic Book Order forms. You can either write a check or order your books online. Our class code is MC9FK. All orders help our classroom library grow!!


Below are links to the websites students will have access to at school and at home:

Tumblebooks is registered for grades K-4 so North and South share.