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New England

Farm your way to happiness!

Do you like to live on a small farm, where your family helps you harvest the crops. Having long winters and rocky soil to plant your crops with. The size of your farms have to be small to make sure you can harvest the crops before the winter comes. You Substance Farm so you have food to survive and enough to sell.

(Farming 1700's with family members)

How about making some money! Open a shop or business!

People had waterways to make it easier to ship and sell goods. Jobs could include Blacksmiths, Shoemakers, Furniture makers, Gunsmiths, Metalsmiths, and Printers. Fisherman could catch Cod, Halibut, Crabs, Oysters, and Lobster. Women could sell Clothes, Garmets, Candels, and Soap.

(Fisherman fishing in 1700's)

Lets Trade some goods!

They traded with other people in America and around the world, and they traded people fish, furs, and fruits.

The Triangle Trade works amazingly!

Went to Africa to Britain then to America, they were trading goods,, furs, and food.

The Middle Colonies

How was Your Farming.

There was fertile soil and there was a milder climate. They grew cash crops most of the time there. They worked on the farm and anybody else that wanted to help them harvest the crops.


You would be able to find large businesses and smaller shops where people would sell home based crafts, such as soap, clothes, and rags.

Other Businesses and Industries

They sent there crops on a boat for trading which was a good part of there money.

Other Countries

Germans, Dutch, Swedish, and other immigrants came over. They were successful farmers because they used the European Agriculture Method.

The Southern Colonies


There is rich soil here and there is always a warm climate which is great for farming. Their cash crop was harvesting Tobacco. Planters did most of the work on the farm. They sold their cash crop to Europe.

Farming in South Carolina and Georgia

They grew Rice as their cash crop, they grew this cash crop in low lying lands. They created their fields by building dams. It was hard to harvest the crop because it was so muddy you couldn't walk.

A Plantation

It had the slave houses so they could sleep at night. It also had Barns for animals and crops. Last it had the Masters House which would be the white persons house.


It was a region of a lot of hills, which the newcomers settled their and they planted Corn and Tobacco.

Slave Codes

Strict rules that goveners slaves for the things they could and couldn't do. They could move freely around the plantation and couldn't leave the plantation without permission and a not from their master. They could but their freedom with how much money they had.


Royal- in Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Carolinas and Virginia. They do what they want

Charter- in Conneticut and Rhode Island and grant of rights and privileges, to establish colonies.

Propreitary- in Delaware and Britain gave the land to a group or person. Proprietors appointed governors and upper house.