Thomas Jefferson

The Best Candidate for the 1800 President

Why should you vote for Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson, although not favoring a stronger army or navy, was a person who voted for everybody to have power, instead of just the richer, wealthier, more successful people. He thought that we should keep an alliance with France, because we had them opposing team, and on our side to fight against the British, who were on the opposing side and they could turn on us at any point during a trade.

Why wouldn't Adams be a better President?

Because Adams wanted to support the British, and they were our enemies, considering the fact that we have bested their weaponry and war skills in the revolutionary war, so Adams would be holding up a big "kick me" sign on America, so they could suddenly turn on us during a trade or fire at us instead of supplying us as trade partners.

But what about all of the things said about Jefferson?

Although there has been some controversy due to Jefferson having children with his slave Sally Hemings, it has been considered a matter of discussion and disagreement. Sally's father was John Wayles, who held her as a slave, and he was also the father of Jefferson's wife, Martha. Even though she was 3/4 white, she was still considered to be a slave. Although it may have been claimed to be false, descendants of Sally are alive today, making this story true.