Enteranl Rest Funeral Home

"A place where everyone is treated like Family"

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What we are about

The Eternal Rest Funeral Home is all about celebrating life. We make all our clients feel like family while in sorrow and grief. We wish to share ways to show memorable experiences. This will remind family of the great life and the great experience they had with their loved one.

Arrangement Consultation

Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home we dedicate ourselves into satisfaction for families of the dearly departed . In that way we will lead us all to the most appropriate service for your loved one, your faith, and your budget(Foster Funeral Services, n.d.) .

Making the Transition

You can depend on us for a high quality services and dignity and care for your deceased loved ones( Graphic Designs, n.d.).In our company, each aspect of the services is left at the discretion of our families, from floral arrangements to personalized seating charts. This will ensure that your family has the convenience and satisfaction of knowing that their loved one final needs are meet.

Individual and Family

Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we strongly believe that each of our families are unique. We make special accommodations based solely on our people and flow of the ceremony. We believe that the families' needs should me main priority.

Cultural and Religion Preferences

We serve communities from all over and families from all walks of life. To meet the custom standards of our families and their cultures and backgrounds we offer ministry services for all religions and places of worship. On site counseling and grief therapies are also provided to all relatives and friends of the deceased, at no cost. We would never discriminate against any group based upon beliefs or personal coping mechanisms. We vow to work together, regardless.

Helping Us Help You

Eternal Rest Funeral Home offers a wide variety of packages and payment options to our families. No family nor service will lack any personal care, consideration, or quality due to financial circumstances . We understand that some families may need time to cope with a loss and we are always available to you in your time of need. We offer complimentary consultations to our families to discuss monetary arrangements, within two (2) weeks after the service.
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Eternal Rest Funeral Home

12345 Love Dr.

Detroit, Michigan 48224


phone: 313-555-6763

"Where your family needs come First"