Derrick Coleman

By Chloe' Pruitt

Coleman's Early Years

Born and raised in Los Angeles in October 1990 Derrick Coleman was diagnosed with severe hearing loss at the age of 3. He attended Troy High School in Fullerton, California, and played college football for UCLA. During elementary school he started to wear hearing aids and kids quickly started noticing them and picking on him for that. As he got older, he ignored more and more comments.
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Quotes from Coleman

"That commercial basically let me know that I'm not alone," Coleman said.

"I need to make sure everybody knows they're not alone," he said. "I want to build a community where everybody's picking each other up."

Professional Career

In April 2012, Derrick Coleman was signed as an undrafted free agent with the Minnesota Vikings, but he was waived in August. Four months after that Coleman was signed by the Seattle Seahawks which made Coleman the third deaf man to play in the NFL. He is also the first deaf man to play and win in the Superbowl.


Coleman is now 24 and is living in Seattle.
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Interesting Facts

1. In 2012 Coleman didn't make the cut for the Minnesota Vikings but he didn't let that stop him. He kept trying and was working harder than ever before just to get to where he is now.

2. Doesn't use any sign language

3. Lip reads during games and wears a hearing aid

4. Coleman forgot his Superbowl ring in a rental car...