A Christmas Carol Background

Maesyn Rowley

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era started in 1837 and ended in 1901. The Victorian Era began during Queen Elizabeth's time as queen. In 1837 Elizabeth became queen, that is when the Victorian Era started. The Victorian Era ended when Queen Elizabeth died in 1901. The Victorian Era lasted about 64 years.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is the name given the movement in which machines changed people's way of life as well as their methods of manufacturing. The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the 18th century. Before the Industrial Revolution everyone used their hands to do everything.

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is an Author. He writes about what he sees in and about his life. He published his first book in 1836. Charles Dickens was born on February 7,1812 in Portsmouth, England. He died in 1870. His family was put in a prison for debt. He was pulled out of school to work. Charles earned enough money for his family's debt. Charles had 4 children that he left at home when he went to the United States. He was the second of eight children. He was the oldest son. Charles Dickens married

Child Labor & Poverty

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor and don't have enough money to pay for stuff. Many families were in a prison for debt. There was Child Labor because, when the family has debt, the kids would have to work to get the debt paid. When the debt was paid the family can come out of prison.

Additional Information

There was a lot of poverty in the Victorian Era. The Industrial Revolution had many new machines to use for work. When Charles's family was in the dept prison, Charles waited in a long line to start work.