Not Enough Bold to find Gold?!

The Untold Secrets about the New World

Discovery: New Land Found!

Original Italian Native, Ponce de Leon, recently went on an exploration for the Spanish to find the infamous, "Fountain of Youth" (the water source that brings eternal youth) and "Cities of Gold" in the New World. He was accompanied by Mr. Christopher Columbus as they headed to the Americas. When they arrived on the coast of The Americas, they realized this was unknown territory.

On April 2nd, 1513, Once de Leon had discovered and named this new territory "Pascua de Florida," which he called 'Florida' for short. He created detailed writings on his discovery, so that when he came back 8 years later he would know what to expect, and so that he could share his findings with other explorers. Although he never find the fountain of youth, he did find a large, new territory in the Americas which he then established a capital city called, St. Augustine.

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War Report: Cortez Conquers Mexico!

In recent news, it is learned that since Hernando Cortez arrived in The Americas it has been his mission to take down the Aztec Empire. Montezuma II fortunately believed that one of our top explorers, Cortez was a god because of his lighter skin and the sight of him on horseback. This advance gained Cortez access into their capital city of Tenochitlan. Cortez ingenuously uses this against them, and captures Moctezuma in order for the town to pay him a large ransom. The city of Tenochitlan pays the ransom, gaining wealth for us. This also led to the fall of the Aztec Empire as Cortez conquered this new territory for Spain. We can now add Mexico to the list of increasing territories. Another Victory for Spain, this one all thanks to Mr. Hernando Cortez!

Christopher Columbus: A True Hero for Spain

Christopher Columbus has always been the driving force in Spanish Exploration. After Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand approved of his plans to find a direct sea route from Europe to Asia, he ended up finding something equally or even more great. A new land! Columbus brought a lot of wealth to Spain, increasing trade and cultural diffusion, and f course finding gold and tobacco. The remarkable thing was, Christopher never even realized he had discovered a new continent; he thought it was Asia all along! After the year 1492, Columbus changed our country forever, for the good. Because of him, we have had so many other incredible explores: Ponce de Leon, Hernando de Soto and Francisco Coronado just to name a few. We thank Columbus for all he has done for our country!
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Editorial: Coronado pushes too far?!

Famous explorer, Francisco Coronado went to the Americas like so many others to find gold. Specifically, he was looking for the 'El Ciabola' or the city of gold. While there, he ran into a lot of turmoil with the Amerindians, but also had several guides that were supposed to be leading him to the City of Gold. Whether their truly is a gold city or not, Coronado had his mind set on the fact that he would find it. He ended up killing several of his guides for being "unreliable" which in all truth, they could have just taken advantage of Coronado and acted like they knew where these exceptional cities were. Coronado never found the city of gold, but he did find the Grand Canyon. However because of his brutalness towards his own workers and the Amerindians, he was found guilty of war crimes. In 1544, Coronado was dismissed from his governorship. This caused him to be sent out of the Americas and back to Spain, which leads us back to the question; was Coronado too intense for a leader?
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