Online Reputation Management

Do you know your reputation on online?

Why do we need to manage our online reputation?

When the admission officers are looking at college applications.

27% use Google+ to learn more about prospective sudents

26% use Facebook to learn more baout prospective sutdent

35% found information on Google+ or Facebook that negatively impacted prospective sutdents' applications

When employers are looking at job applications

70% of recruiters denied candidates due to information found online

75% of companies have hiring policies that encourage recruiters to examine an applicant's online reputation.

84% recruiters think that online reputations will impact future hiring procedures all or most of the time during the next five years

But, How To Manage It?

1) Google Yourself

See What's there about you, and then fixing the problem you as you discover any.

2) Foster Self Expression

Keep in mind that people can tell what kind of person you are by reading your posts and looking at your photos. If you want to give them a good impression, keep your posts positive.

3) Add Friends Slectively and Wisely

Remember, adding friends on your social media is the same as getting to know people in the real world. Indeed, I highly suggest to view social media as platform to communicate with your actual friends rather than as a virtual world. It is all about quality NOT quantity.