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What are the responsibilities of a Director of Student Services?

A Director of Student Services, helps the administrative team review the entire school experience for a child (young adult). It is important for the team to have a member whose responsibility it is to look at the "big picture" educationally and provide feedback.

The Director of Student Services helps to lead the school in the areas of Curriculum, Special Education and the education of the Gifted and Talented. This may be done by providing professional development, research on the latest events and trends in education, working with teachers, and attending school meetings that address the needs of students.

By advocating for children and their needs, supporting teachers and administrators, and assisting in the collection and review of data; the Director of Student Services can help a school district continue on the path to greatness!

What happens at the beginning of the year?

At the beginning of the year, teachers work diligently to evaluate what the students know in the subjects that they teach. After they have identified areas of strength and weakness and have reviewed what they want the children to know, they plot a course to ensure that each child reaches the target. This happens in all subject areas! The learning standards for a given grade level and subject area are the targets.

A teacher's goal is often to help a student stretch their learning and bring out the curiosity of the individuals within their class.

Director of Student Services

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