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What is Asthma? Asthma is an internal lung disease in which a persons air ways thin and swell, causing increased mucus production. The mucus can cause severe coughing and wheezing. In this Smore Board you will learn all about asthma and how to treat and prevent it.

5 ways to maintain and improve Asthma symptoms

1.) If you have Asthma you should avoid living in industrial and urban areas. Living in these areas can cause Asthma and make symptoms worse.

2.) If you have Asthma, keep your fast acting inhaler on you at all times in case of a Asthma attack.

3.) If experiencing any symptoms use your fast acting inhaler or your nebulizer as soon as possible.

4.) In cold weather holding your breath and breathing slowly can prevent Asthma attacks.

5.) When you have a cold with Asthma treat it like a ticking time bomb. Be careful and avoid symptom triggers because a cold worsens the effect of a Asthma attack.


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