Reading Final

By Bergynn Kinnison

Demeter and Persephone

A. The consequence of Demeter's actions were when Persephone got taken away by Hades she thought it was the earth so she killed all animals, made too much sun, too much rain, and made it so only weeds and thistles grew.

B. Humankind suffered as a result of one individuals impulses because there was basically no food and she made it so mankind would die of hunger in a way. Demeter put her feelings first instead of anybody else's.

C. This myth suggests that the effects of an individuals actions on a community as a whole is meaning that even one person can effect a whole group in great measures instead of just themselves.

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Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl

A. The Emperors decision at the beginning of the legend was better for an individual in my opinion because if he doesn't trust anyone then he is leaving all of the responsibility on his daughter which might not be the best for her personally. He was showing an act of selfishness.

B. It is important to consider the needs of a community over an individual because what one person wants for themselves may not be the best decision for the community. It may effect everyone.

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Sun and Moon in a Box

A. Coyote's selfishness and ignorance causes harm to others by him letting his curious self get the better of him, he opens the box, the sun and moon get out, and that starts winter for everyone.

B. In a way i think it is Coyote's fault for losing the sun and moon because he had already promised to not open the box and to not let is curiosity get the better of him. He let someone believe him and to let them trust him just to do the opposite and let them down. His actions led to something no one wanted, but also it isn't the worst thing to learn and experience.

C. This folk tale implies that this individuals responsibility to the community is to be careful. Eagle messed up by trusting someone. Coyote messed up by not controlling himself. Both of these actions led to chaos. This is meaning you have a role to your community and every decision you make has an outcome, but it's what you do that determines if it's a good or bad outcome.

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