Virtual Resume

Shivdev Nahar

Academic SMART Goal


My goal would be to achieve an 85% in math by the end of this semester.


I can track my goal by keeping track of all the tests and quiz's, finding the average and seeing where my mark falls and that way i can see if I am on track or not.


The actions I can do to achieve this goal would be to do my math homework for at least one hour every night and to ask my teacher or friends for help when I am confused or just don't understand anything.


This goal is achievable and doable because math will get me that much closer to getting a good job and it is achievable as long as I stay on track and keep asking questions and practicing, I believe that this goal is achievable.


The time frame I have to achieve this goal would be until June 20th because that is a couple of days before the exams.

Volunteering SMART Goal


My volunteering goal would be to get a total of 100 hours of volunteering by the start of grade 11. I already have 40 hours completed, so I just have 60 hours to go.


I can track this goal by making a chart and keeping track of how many hours of volunteering I do every week. By making a chart I can see how well i'm organizing my schedule and see if I am on track or not.


Actions I would do to achieve this goal would be to volunteer at some place at least 5 hours every week and by the end of 12 weeks, I would have a total of 60 hours. I could volunteer every Sunday for 5 hours for 12 weeks and I would have my goal completed.


This goal is realistic and doable because if I start completing 5 hours every week now, by the start of grade 11 i would have a total of 100 hours of volunteering. I already have 40 hours so if I volunteer for 5 hours every week i would have 60, and 5 hours a week times 12 week would equal to a total of 60 hours, and 40 plus 60 equals to 100.


The time frame to achieve this goal is from February 21st, 2016 to August 28th, 2016.
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Future Resume

Shivdev Nahar




7 Niceview Dr
Brampton, Ontario



I have achieved a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and I would like to pursue a job in this field.

I am a friendly person who has a positive attitude towards others. I am easy to get along with and I am respectful. I take responsibility for my actions. I am very hardworking and focused on what has to be done.


Louise Arbour Secondary School

High School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Wilfrid Laurier University

Bachelor's Degree

Waterloo, Ontario

September 2018 - June 2022

Work Experience

Exercise Physiologist

March 2016 - Present



February 2013 - Present

Track and Field

March 2016 - June 2016

X- Country

September 2015 - November 2015

Jr Boys Soccer

March 2015 - June 2015

Soccer Intramurals

November 2013 - December 2013

Volunteer Experience


Brampton, Ontario

October 2015

Skills and Abilities

  • Effective oral and written communication skills

  • Ability to manage and organize information

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Listening skills

  • Positive attitude and behaviour

  • Strong work ethic

  • Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)

  • Decision making skills

  • Data analysis

  • Negotiation skills

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Teamwork

  • Achievements

    1st place Jr Boys Soccer Tournament

    September 2012

    Honor roll

    September 2012

    3rd place in soccer intramurals

    September 2012


    Bachelor's Degree

    June 2022

    High School Diploma

    June 2018

    S.H.I.N.E. for Integrity

    February 2014

    Hobbies and Interests

    • Music

    • Soccer

    • Drawing

  • Weight Lifting

  • Kickboxing/MMA

  • References

    Ms.Nguyen, Teacher, Louise Arbour Secondary School

    Challenges & Solutions

    Challenges & Solutions

    Every job comes with specific benefits and disadvantages. An exercise physiologist or a sports medicine physician might have many disadvantages and challenges that include keeping track of different clients, not having enough clients, and working irregular work hours.

    One disadvantage related to exercise physiologist or a sports medicine physician, would be having several clients. This is a disadvantage because it is hard to keep track of files for each client and the fact that you might get information mixed up between two or more clients. Each client has different sets of problems whether it is related to pulled or injured muscles, diseases, or problems related to mental illness. An example of a pulled or injured muscles could be a pulled hamstring or calf, torn ligament, or a dislocated joint. Examples of diseases consist of lung disease and cardiovascular diseases. An example of mental illnesses consist of anger management, depression or anxiety. For example, if two clients have an appointment with me, and one who comes at 11am has a pulled hamstring, and one who comes at 3pm suffers from anger management, I have to make sure to be much more calm and gentle in the afternoon compared to the morning. A solution to this would be to be organized and to carefully keep the files of each patient separated and labelled. So instead of jam packing all of my clients’ files in one place, I can keep a cabinet and alphabetically organize and put all of my clients’ files there.

    Another disadvantage for a sports medicine physician would be not having enough clients. This is challenge because if you do not have enough clients, you would not be able to make money and that is really bad. This is a huge issue due to not being able to pay for things like rent and other things I need to survive and everything can go downhill really fast if I don’t get enough clients. One way to fix this would be to get more advertisements out and have other offices or teams sponsor me. That way I would have more people look at them and then they would come to me.

    One last disadvantage for a sports medicine physician would be the irregular work hours. This is a disadvantage because I will not always have time to do the things I enjoy like spending time with family or friends, playing sports and other hobbies which I enjoy doing during my free time. If one day I have a lot of patients coming and I cannot move their appointment to any other day, I will most likely need to stay extra hours and help my clients. I feel that this problem is not something that can be solved and it is something that needs getting used too. Due to this, there will not be a lot that I can do and I will probably just need to face the problem head on and just stay at my office for an extra hour or two or how ever long it takes to help my client because that is what my job is about.

    Therefore, all jobs come with disadvantages and challenges, and for an exercise physiologist or a sports medicine physician, the challenges would include keeping track of all the clients, not having enough clients, and working irregular work hours.