Phishing, Don't take the bait

What is phishing?

Phishing isn't when you go out on a boat, hook up some worms and catch a couple big ones, phishing is when some company sends you an e-mail asking for money, an address, a password, a social security number or anything along those lines. But what you don't know is that it's a scam. Sure, it may look real, but these phishers have a lot of practice. They probably send these fake e-mails everyday. And if you don't know it's a scam, you could give away some important and personal information.

What to look for

In a e-mail sent by a phisher, there are often many mistakes. For example,

  • Phishers have spelling mistakes
  • they don't address you by your name
  • they use texting language
  • they often have bad grammar
  • the message asks for personal information
  • the offer seems "too good to be true"
  • threats about your account
  • they ask you to click on a link
  • if you hover your mouse on the link, it changes to a different website
  • something just doesn't look right

Aftermath of phishing

if you fall for a phishing e-mail, here's what could happen

  • you could get hacked
  • your account could be deleted
  • people will know personal information about you
  • they could take your money

Stay safe!