Geothermal Energy

By:Nelson Camilo


Energy generated and stored in the earth. Thermal energy is the energy that determine the temperature of matter

Where does it come from?

Geothermal energy comes from the inside of the heat from the inside of the earth

How is it transformed into usable energy?

The geothermal energy goes into power plants which cause making steam the power being forced by a turbine/generator and some use of hot water to boil and working liquids that vaporizes and then turns to electricity

Can it be used in business/Home?

Yes geothermal energy can be used in homes because after it goes through the turbine and everything it be turned into usable electricity which you can use for light, TVs, machines, and ect.


Using geothermal energy after the generator it can be used into usable energy and can be used to power electronics


Geothermal energy is not wide spread and to expencive

How is it renewable energy?

Because geothermal energy comes from the heat inside from the earths inner heat