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Your Help Is Needed!

Teachers you are all doing a great job getting our students ready for online testing. In addition to content knowledge students will need to feel comfortable with online testing technology. As you well imagine keyboarding will be important! But there are a lot of other skills that we can be practicing with our students over the year as well. All those crazy tech web 2.0 tools I love to use--are not in vain. Many tools (which includes Blackboard) will help our students get ready for the PARCC, Some skills are just fine motor skills like highlighting and moving the ruler/protractor around and others might be using all of those great test taking skills you have forever taught them--crossing out answers as they eliminate choices or highlight as they read.

You can help with the process every time students use technology in your classroom! Use technology vocabulary that will be needed for taking the test, like bullet points or dragging and dropping. See more examples below!!

If you set up centers in your classroom you may want to use this site and let kids work through all the different skills. Click: PARCC Technology Readiness website put out by Hamilton County ESC.

This flyer is just to make us all aware that we want our students not only shine in your content areas but also to have the needed technology skills to help them move through the test quickly and comfortably!

There will be 2 installments of Technology and Online Testing.

Thanks for your help! Karen :)

Tool Bars

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Pointer--will allow students to select the multiple choice/multiple select answers.

Math Tools--will appear when taking math tests.

1. Protractor

2. Ruler (inch, centimeter or both)

3. Calculator (Grade 6-7: 5 Function, Grade 8: Scientific and High School: Graphing

Eliminate Choice: This allows student to place a big RED X on an answer as they are trying to eliminate choices--to narrow down to the right answer. See eliminate tool picture below.

Suggestion: Practice moving items around on web 2.0 tools (like Glogster--tilting pictures) so that students get used to fine motor skills needed for using protractor and

** Only ONE tool can be open at a time—students will need to close one to open another (aka: select OR deselect). To select click the tool; click the tool again to deselect!

ruler. See picture below of how they will look on the test.

Check out these Measuring Games from PARCC Technology Readiness.

Practice with a Protractor More Protractors

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Flag and Review

Flagging--if student clicks Flag it will flag a question so that they can come back to review it later in that section.

Review: Will allow a student to come back and review the status of the questions. (see above picture.)

They can VIEW not answered and flagged items.

When they are finished it will again tell them how many unanswered questions there are and give them a choice to REVIEW ANSWERS or CONTINUE to the next section.

It will also give them an EXIT Warning. Are sure you want to end this section.

Suggestions: Put at the end of your online assessments--go back review your answers. Let's get them in the habit of always reading each screen or direction.

Highlighting Tool

Students can highlight as they read the passage. When students highlight text a box will appear with different colors for students to choose. Choosing the color white removes the highlight. See picture below for an example.

**Note: Some test questions will also ask students to highlight words as part of how they answer the question--the highlight box will not pop open for that required highlighting.

Suggestions: Frequently have students highlight text online when reading word documents or website articles.

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Other Tool Bar Stuff

Have your students use the tool bar when creating word documents. Require students to use some of the following tools that they can use with on Online Testing:




Bullet Points

Numbering Bullets

Accessiblity Tools and Features

These features may look different depending on the student taking the test.

Students may need to change the background and foreground colors.

There is a magnifying glass but I would suggest the Tech Tip of using Control + for enlarging (zooming in) and Control - for shrinking the screen (zooming out).

Answer Masking--allows the answers to be hidden and revealed when clicking on them.

Line Reader--students can click on the Show/Hide Line Reader and they can make it any size they want. See example below.

Text-to-Speech Feature--will also be located here for those students who require it.

Suggestions: Have students enlarge and shrink text on web pages to feel comfortable using Ctl + and Ctl -

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Flyer created by:

Karen Reiber

Media/Technology Specialist

If you have any questions, corrections or additions--just let me know!

Check out the entire PARCC Technology Readiness Website sponsored by Hamilton County ESC.

Pictures from PARCC Website: They have a great tutorial on navigating technology with PARCC testing.

Part 2 will be coming shortly!