COVID-19 Service Learning Plans

from Kate Ryan, the Director of Pupil Services

August 31, 2020

Hi everyone,

The plans, Individualized Remote Learning Plan (IRLPs), that you completed in the spring are no longer. They do not have "stay put." DESE has renamed them COVID-19 Service Learning Plans. (They have also been simplified.) I have put together another Screencastify to assist you in completing these.

What has changed?

In the spring, the IRLPs were written and shared with families. Families reported to districts and DESE that they felt more input from them was needed. Therefore, when you are writing the COVID-19 Service Learning Plan, you will need to write it with input from the family. This may be done via a phone call, a Google Meet, or a Zoom conversation.

Additionally, districts were asked to provide services to the greatest extent possible. For the 2020-2021 school year, we are to provide all IEP services. However, they still may look different.

Before you begin working on these, you will need a hard copy of each student's service delivery grid. Please be sure you are printing from the ACTIVE IEP.

When you speak with the family:

  • be sure you introduce yourself
  • ask what worked and didn't work in the spring
  • refer to the service delivery grid when discussing how and when services will be provided

During and/or after speaking with the family, please complete the Service Learning Plan. Email it to the family and upload it to Aspen. You will then need to complete the tracking document shared by your Team Chairperson. Please know this document is not to have one more thing, but rather to support you when we hear from families reporting they were not called or it wasn't emailed to them.

Screencastify (I apologize in advance for the stumbling over my words.)

Here are the links to your building specific plans. When you click on it, you should be prompted to make a copy.




Please reach out to your Team Chairperson and/or me with any questions.

Thank you in advance!


Contact the Director

Kate Ryan, Director

Mary O'Brien, Administrative Assistant to the Director