Health Profesional Interview

Dr. Brad Faglie

How long have you been a doctor and what training did you need to be successful?

He has been a doctor for 6 and a half years. He has to go through medical school, residency and also social training. You can not do this profession right out of high school or even collage.

How did you first get involved with this career?

He was in the band until sophomore in collage and decided that he wanted to become a doctor because he liked the science classes when he was a freshman.

Are there opportuneties for advacement? can you get tution reimbursement?

Yes you can get advancement in this profession and tuition reimbursement.

what is the most interesting project you have ever been involved with?

The most interesting project is delivering tuff babies, it makes it harder when the mom isn't very healthy.

Describe a typical day in your career? How much vacation time do you get a year?

He says that there is no typical day in this career, everyday is different. He gets 3 weeks vacation a year and will eventually get more.

What is the job outlook for this profession? Do you see yourself continuing thos career ten years from now?

There is a 100% job outlook for this profession in the future because there will always be a need for doctors. H says that he will defiantly still be a doctor ten years from now no question.