Niccolo Machiavelli

Renaissance Writer

Part 1 - Biography

Niccolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy on May 3rd, 1469. He was born into an aristocratic family that was not wealthy in the monetary sense, and spent most of his life in Florence. As a child, he learned the Greek classics, but only in translation. In his later years, he wrote novels, took care of his kids, and composed reports. The novel that he was most known for is The Prince, but he has written other pieces, like The Mandragola. Some of the many who helped support him through the process of writing his book were the French King and Piero Soderini, who chose Machiavelli as his political adviser and protege.

Part 2 - The Work

The novel that paved the path for Machiavelli's legacy, was named The Prince, and was written in 1513. This piece is still in print today, and can be located in bookstores, libraries, and can even be read online as a pdf. Along with other artists in the renaissance period, Machiavelli strayed from writing about how religion makes a huge impact on people, but instead wrote about how a prince should rule. His novel is closely linked to secularism in the sense that he wrote about how a Prince can rule without religion. I find this piece so interesting because it is intriguing to see what politics were like in this time period, and how people - and especially a renaissance writer, like Machiavelli - thought royalty should rule.

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By Ryan O'Meara