Library Book Spring Cleaning

Find library books while you spring clean!

239 Overdue Books

We have a large number of overdue books. The snow did not help! We all got out of our routines, so some library books have gone missing. Hopefully they did not end up in the snow!

Please have students search their desks, backpacks, classroom libraries, lunch table baskets, and homes. Updated overdue lists/notices have been distributed and will continue to be for the remainder of the school year. Feel free to post these in your room. There are only twelve Fridays left in the year, so lets start rounding up library books now!

Thank You

Thank you to those classes and teachers who have consistently kept up with their books. The kindergarten team has 100% return on a regular basis. Thank you Mrs. Turner for 100% return. And thank you Ms. Robinson for 99% return, and not giving up on finding that one book from one student!

Your Librarian Will...

1. Continue to search for overdue books in the library. Sometimes they do not scan


2. Keep you and your students informed of overdue book status.

3. Recognize those classes with 100% return.

Spring is 4 days away!

Thank you,

YFL, Melanie Parker

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