Charles Drew

BY:Keziah Smith

Dr.Drew Childhood

Born September 3 ,1904

Mom:Nora Burrell

Dad:Richard Drew

Grew up:D.C Foggy Bottom

Dr.Drew Parents Occupations

Nora Burrel was a Teacher

Richard Drew Carpet layer

Both second class citizens

Dr.Drew Creation/Dedications

Dr.Charles Drew created the blood bank.There is a University of Science and Medicine dedicated to him.

Charles Drew Career/Death

Occupation: American physician, surgeon and medical researcher.He can improve blood storage.

Death: Charles Drew died when his foot got stuck in a brake pedal.The car was out of control.

DR Charles Drew

Personal life

Children: Docter Drew had three daughter and a son.

Charlene Drew Jarvis had been a principal of Southern University from 1996 until 2009.

Wife: Minnie Lenore Robbins