Grade 1d News

5 December 2015

Welcome to another 1D News letter. Photos in this week's photo folder include the First Grade Concert, Stone Soup and our Introduction to Ecosystems.

First Grade Concert

It was a great event, due to the hard work of Ms Yamaura and Dr Greg, along with the excellent performances of our students. I think 1D, in particular, did a fantastic job!

Video of the concert is available here:


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Coming Events in 1D and Lower Elementary school


Week of December 7-10 International Week

  • Monday 7th - Opening Ceremony, National Costume Day
  • Tuesday 8th - Sports Jersey Day
  • Wednesday 9th - International Buffet, Qatar colors
  • Thursday 10th - Closing Ceremony, International Week T-Shirt


Thursday December 17 Christmas class party / Pajama day

December 18 - January 2 Winter Break

International Week

Enduring Understanding

Whatever our nationality, we are all human beings who live in a world community. We are interdependent upon one another and have a responsibility to each other and to the Earth.

Essential Questions

· What do you know about your culture?

· How can we show respect for other cultures and people during International Week?

  • Monday 7th - Opening Ceremony, NATIONAL COSTUME DAY
  • Tuesday 8th - SPORTS JERSEY DAY
  • Wednesday 9th - International Buffet, QATAR COLORS
  • Thursday 10th - Closing Ceremony, INTERNATIONAL WEEK T-SHIRT

  • International Week T-Shirts

    Some of you have been given incorrect sizes for IW shirts for students. Apparently they were missing a box of child smalls and mediums, which have now been found.
    If you have shirts that are the wrong size ACCORDING TO THE ORDER FORM, you can visit the MS office on Sunday. Alternatively, you could return the shirt with your child tomorrow and let me know, so Pooja and I can try to sort this out for you.
    Parents who just want a different size from what they ordered should come to the MS/HS lobby after school on Sunday or any other day next week before or after school to exchange the size.

    Homework focus: Discuss what country is special to you and what makes it special and different from other countries. Do they have traditions? During explore students will design an artifact that represents that country.

    International Week Buffet

    First Grade go to the buffet at 9:30, so parents are asked to send a light lunch for their child that day. The cafeteria will be open.

    Key points:
    • ALL families are asked to contribute food (No sign up)

    • TONS of servers are needed (sign up link in Sahifa)

    • Information poster is in Sahifa​ ​

    • This event is not a family event. It is for the students of ASD in conjunction with International Week.

    Other things, not related to International Week

    Tuesday After School Activity Pick Up

    Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8. A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

    ​ASD 2016 Calendars FOR SALE!

    ​The 2016 ASD Calendars will be for sale in the Elementary Office starting Sunday December 6th. These make great gifts for friends and family, get yours today!

    Stone Soup lunch

    I have no cooking skills, to speak of, but two of our students ate 4 bowls of this soup, so it must have been okay! Thanks to everyone for contributing the ingredients and to Ms Pooja for assistance with the seasoning. Photos are in their own folder. Follow the link at the top.

    Pajama Day

    This fun event has been rescheduled to the final school day before the Winter Break. That's right, the new date for Pajama Day is 17 December!

    Homework and Home Reading

    Homework: Some parents have mentioned to me that the week nights are full. It would be more convenient for them to do homework on weekends instead. This is fine with me, so you are welcome to submit homework on Sunday instead of Thursday.

    Home Reading: I have also had some conversations with students and parents about reading more books during the week. Students can currently take home 2 books from the classroom, along with their weekly library books and Raz-kids online reading. From now on, students can also exchange their classroom books during the week, if they wish. The only requirements are that their previous books should be returned and that they will have to check them out with Ms Pooja, as they usually would.


    Big ideas: How Characters Change

    - Noticing Clues in Pictures and Words

    - Readers Notice How Characters’ Feelings Change

    • ‘How is my character feeling in the beginning? Does she/he feel differently in the middle of the story? Do the character’s feelings change in the end?’


    Big Ideas: Show not Tell

    Making our characters come alive, by:

    • showing feelings and actions
    • using dialogue


    Big Idea: Introducing Place Value

    • identify 1 ten as a unit by renaming representations of 10
    • Solve addition and subtraction problems decomposing and composing teen numbers as 1 ten and some ones

    Social Studies

    Different Ecosystems Look for different books or videos on different environment.

    1. Model investigations using MYON books

    2. Students do their own research in Pebble go